Obedience classes are run by volunteer instructors. Members are shown how to use Positive Reinforcement Methods to train and manage their dogs.

In Beginners, Grade 1 and Grade 2 the emphasis is on “pet dog training”. Our aim at the completion of Grade 2 is for members to have a dog that has bonded with its owner, is well socialised with other people and dogs, and is attentive and able to respond to basic obedience commands in a distracting environment. These basic skills include walking on a loose lead or at the heel, sitting and dropping on command, short stays and coming back to the owner when called.

The Obedience Trialling group is for dogs and handlers assessed to be nearing a level ready to compete in Obedience trials.

Classes are held on Sunday mornings, rain or shine, every week of the year (except for Easter, Trial weekends and a short break over the Christmas/New Year period). However, persistent rain can cause the ground to become too soft to be safe. If this is the case, notice will be given as to alternate venues. Watch the Home page for advice!

Beginners Intake is on the 1st Sunday of any month excluding December and January.

New members are asked to arrive before 09:00 am on the first Sunday of the month. Beginners classes start at 09:15 am sharp and run for 8 consecutive weeks.

See the What to Bring page, so you know....

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