Flat collar
5 foot lead

What to bring to your first lesson:

  • A membership form, filled out as much as possible - we can help with any queries you have about it.
  • Correct money or your cheque book - we have a limited amount of change, so this would help a lot.
  • Current vaccination certificate (for your dog).
  • High value treats such as cooked chicken, cheese, liver - remember there will be distractions at club and you will need your dog's favourite treats to keep it focused on you.
  • Your dog's favourite toy.
  • A flat collar - no correction collars or harnesses.
  • A lead, about 1.5 metres (5 feet) long that is comfortable for you to hold - no chains.
  • Quality leads and collars are available from the club.
  • A mat such as an old piece of carpet, or bath mat etc, that is big enough for your dog to lay on. Your dog will be trained to go to this mat when told.
  • Enough poo bags to cover your dogs needs.
  • We train in ALL weather, so bring a sun hat if itís hot and appropriate rain gear if itís raining.
  • And... Ummm... YOUR DOG!
Cheque book or correct cash
Your dog Sun Hat Training Mat
Rain Gear
Vaccination Certificate
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