EGDOC is a club run by its members for its members. All of the instructors, committee and office bearers are volunteers. No one receives any payment for their services. Our reward is the satisfaction of seeing your dog grow into an obedient member of human society, who brightens up your life and you enjoy having fun with.

Membership fees go toward maintaining the club’s buildings and equipment, and covering the day to day expenses of running the club.

Please participate in your club. Volunteer your time to help the instructors setup (or pack up) the equipment needed for classes. Fill a bowl with water. Hook up a trailer. Stay after class and have a chin-wag. Come along to meetings. Join the committee. Help out at trials. Enjoy your club.

Feel free to remain after class, have a drink and a chat with the other members, trainers and committee. We all love to talk about dogs.

Coffee, Tea and Soft Drinks

The club provides coffee and tea free of charge to members in the kitchen area of the clubrooms. Help yourself, but please wash your cup, and anything else you use, when you are finished.

Soft drinks are available in the fridge for $1 a can. There is a money tin in the fridge, which works on an honesty system. Put in your money, so that we can buy a replacement for the next person.

Would you like to take part in competitions?

Have a look at the Activities page on our website for information on the competitive activities run by the club.

Click here for membership fees and forms.
Classes for older puppies and dogs.





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