Therapy Dogs


Volunteers for the East Gippsland Dog Obedience Club, (EGDOC) Therapy Dog Group are affiliated with Dogs Victoria and have been accredited by EGDOC. The Therapy Dog Group has been created for the purpose of increasing the quality of life for residents in aged care facilities.

As a group we aim to:
•Promote a general feeling of wellbeing, unconditional love and acceptance for all residents.
•Try and help improve resident’s focus and attention and to stimulate memory functions
•Allow the therapy dogs to interact with elderly people who have difficulty communicating
•Help encourage and aid speech functions.
•Provide simple physical activities for those who are mobility impaired by patting the dogs.

Our Therapy dogs come in all shapes and sizes:
•Small dogs are good because they can be lifted easily and by size are non threatening
•Large dogs make a good companion for someone in a wheelchair, or bed  sitting patiently and allowing the patient to stroke their fur. 
•The Therapy dogs must have a calm, gentle personality and be people oriented
•They must love attention, being patted & not be shy.
•They must also have basic obedience training and should be conditioned to sudden noises, movements and hospital equipment (i.e.-wheelie walkers, wheel chairs etc).

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